Mother-Child Bond: Does this innate response really exist?

Social media forms a large part of my new job and as I prepared for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day drifted to mind. I browsed beautiful stock photos of mothers and their children; their eyes depicting unconditional love and adoration. However, I stumbled.

Of all the photos I flicked through, this one inspired and resonated with me.

Sure, science teaches us that the mother-child bond is innate; that something within us, that “maternal instinct”, really does have a biological component – we intuitively, undeniably and unconditionally want to take care of these tiny vulnerable beings. A survival instinct.

Then how do some women turn away from their children – the “walk-away mums” – the ones who left by choice?

I will show my future-little person what it’s really like to be loved – unconditionally, for being themselves.