Mother-Child Bond: Does this innate response really exist?

Social media forms a large part of my new job and as I prepared for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day drifted to mind. I browsed beautiful stock photos of mothers and their children; their eyes depicting unconditional love and adoration. However, I stumbled.

Of all the photos I flicked through, this one inspired and resonated with me.

Sure, science teaches us that the mother-child bond is innate; that something within us, that “maternal instinct”, really does have a biological component – we intuitively, undeniably and unconditionally want to take care of these tiny vulnerable beings. A survival instinct.

Then how do some women turn away from their children – the “walk-away mums” – the ones who left by choice?

I will show my future-little person what it’s really like to be loved – unconditionally, for being themselves.


Back to 2005, when I was 13 years old, I created my first blog. I self-taught some basic coding, some graphic design, and off I joined a small community of young ladies, creating stuff for fun – such as tutorials, graphics, and layouts for our visitors.

hello world - welcome to Journey to Creative - my blog

Feels pretty nostalgic to think back. Earlier this year, I discovered Wayback Machine and immediately searched up my old domain – for those that don’t know, Wayback Machine is an archive of websites, where you can see how certain websites looked on a certain date in history, even those that no longer existed!

My heart instantly skipped a beat as my old content was there – a teeny virtual snippet of history right there. I was amazed, my words were there, but none of my images. Wish I could see what I had created back then!

Ever since, I have had an urge to start a blog again. The natural doubts and worries quickly set in: What if I waste my time? What if it’s a waste of money? I have no time with a 9-5! – But I wanted to create again, I wanted to do something for myself.

For 5 years I’ve been focussed on trying to get through University, in a haze suckered by the system, to get that degree. And yup, I got through that rollercoaster, but I still felt stuck. I had starved my imagination and creativity for so long that I was sure it was no longer there.

In an attempt to inspire some creativity back into my life, Journey to Creative was born!

A place where I can write, share my work, experiment with layout and hopefully inspire more artwork. But also a place to inspire others, help others, share my stories and travels, ideas and thoughts – basically I wanted a corner of the world wide web again.