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I’ve been struggling with this overwhelming feeling of guilt for a while – I invested money, time, and effort into starting this blog but haven’t kept it up. Nor promoted it – definitely hadn’t worked on it as I had hoped I would. But I have to remind myself of the reason I started this journey: to channel back my creativity and find what I truly want to do.

planting the seed - guilt of not blogging

In that sense, I feel I am inching closer to this goal. Something feels right, I have been experiencing teeny bits of this internal fire as I’ve ventured into the world of ‘digital nomad’. I’m still not entirely sure how or what – but I’m still learning about it.

Online communities, podcasts, online courses have consumed me lately – so that hopefully one day, I will be able to work for myself, location-independent.

On this route, I’ve discovered that I’d like to pursue design – possibly web or graphic, maybe both?



It struck me today that each and every one of us are facing our own personal struggles.

The image above was the greatest inspiration of my day and I felt it was apt for International Women’s Day. I grew up with one woman in my life – my grandmother. She taught me strength and independence, and that determination and hard work always paid off. She has loved, supported and cared for me when others could not.

Happy Women’s Day to the strongest woman in my life and to all you wonderful, resilient ladies in my life and those I am yet to meet.

Credit: Rupi Kaur



Mother-Child Bond: Does this innate response really exist?

Social media forms a large part of my new job and as I prepared for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day drifted to mind. I browsed beautiful stock photos of mothers and their children; their eyes depicting unconditional love and adoration. However, I stumbled.

Of all the photos I flicked through, this one inspired and resonated with me.

Sure, science teaches us that the mother-child bond is innate; that something within us, that “maternal instinct”, really does have a biological component – we intuitively, undeniably and unconditionally want to take care of these tiny vulnerable beings. A survival instinct.

Then how do some women turn away from their children – the “walk-away mums” – the ones who left by choice?

I will show my future-little person what it’s really like to be loved – unconditionally, for being themselves.


Back to 2005, when I was 13 years old, I created my first blog. I self-taught some basic coding, some graphic design, and off I joined a small community of young ladies, creating stuff for fun – such as tutorials, graphics, and layouts for our visitors.

hello world - welcome to Journey to Creative - my blog

Feels pretty nostalgic to think back. Earlier this year, I discovered Wayback Machine and immediately searched up my old domain – for those that don’t know, Wayback Machine is an archive of websites, where you can see how certain websites looked on a certain date in history, even those that no longer existed!

My heart instantly skipped a beat as my old content was there – a teeny virtual snippet of history right there. I was amazed, my words were there, but none of my images. Wish I could see what I had created back then!

Ever since, I have had an urge to start a blog again. The natural doubts and worries quickly set in: What if I waste my time? What if it’s a waste of money? I have no time with a 9-5! – But I wanted to create again, I wanted to do something for myself.

For 5 years I’ve been focussed on trying to get through University, in a haze suckered by the system, to get that degree. And yup, I got through that rollercoaster, but I still felt stuck. I had starved my imagination and creativity for so long that I was sure it was no longer there.

In an attempt to inspire some creativity back into my life, Journey to Creative was born!

A place where I can write, share my work, experiment with layout and hopefully inspire more artwork. But also a place to inspire others, help others, share my stories and travels, ideas and thoughts – basically I wanted a corner of the world wide web again.