I’ve been struggling with this overwhelming feeling of guilt for a while – I invested money, time, and effort into starting this blog but haven’t kept it up. Nor promoted it – definitely hadn’t worked on it as I had hoped I would. But I have to remind myself of the reason I started this journey: to channel back my creativity and find what I truly want to do.

planting the seed - guilt of not blogging

In that sense, I feel I am inching closer to this goal. Something feels right, I have been experiencing teeny bits of this internal fire as I’ve ventured into the world of ‘digital nomad’. I’m still not entirely sure how or what – but I’m still learning about it.

Online communities, podcasts, online courses have consumed me lately – so that hopefully one day, I will be able to work for myself, location-independent.

On this route, I’ve discovered that I’d like to pursue design – possibly web or graphic, maybe both?