My corner of the internet was born as a place to hold accountability to my goals, in the hope to find my creative back – a task I have put off for years in the name of being ‘too busy’, not knowing where to start, along with all the other crazy excuses.

I wanted a place to store my inspiration, thoughts and ideas without judgment. Out of fear and a desire to be honest, I chose to blog anonymously and see where it takes me.

Not 100% sure what I’ll be using this space for yet – it’s a uncertain journey to put some creativity back into my life. Growing up, I loved to paint, draw and make. After spending the majority of my life playing the education system, I gradually lost the ability to express my imagination. It feels like I’ve been stuck so long, I’m scared to even start. So in reality, this blog was born out of some measly attempt to face my fear.

Feel free to¬†get in touch – tell me about your day, how you found me or what you’re working on – I would so love to hear from you!

All my love X